Monday, July 20, 2009

Cocktails & Collaboration!

The Founders of SASC, from l. to r.:
Mazz, Brandi, LaToya, Karen, Johanna, and Allisyn

The questions "What do you do?" and "How can I help you?" were the driving force behind the event. We all wore nametags that listed something we consider ourselves to be experts in and something we wanted help with. For instance, some of the talented women in the room could help with fashion, photography, DJing, publicity, research, dating tips, and fitness, to name a few. And some women needed help with starting a food co-op in Queens, learning how to swim, finding a writing partner, or just finding a buddy for inspiration. Lots of connections were made throughout the evening that we want to keep up and maintain.
Please watch this space for upcoming SASC events, and:

  • E-mail us or leave a comment if you have a suggestion for an event that would promote the mission of the SASCies.
  • E-mail us or leave a comment if you know about an upcoming event or outstanding woman to be featured on this blog.
  • And most definitely, e-mail or leave a comment if you have a talent you'd love to share with other women or you need the talents of someone else for a project.

Thanks, again to everyone in attendance! Here are a few photos from the evening: